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Design the Perfect Mouse for You

Our goal is to squeeze the highest amount of performance into everybody's favorite mouses on the market.  We develop standardized methods for reducing weights, wrapping the cable in paracord, and provide alternatives for otherwise bulky outer shells. When that is all done, we allow the customer to pick a color to personalize the mouse.

  • Products that we would want to buy.

    We have been creating custom PC peripherals for over four years. Our company has a genuine interest in providing an affordable service tailored to your every desire.

  • Always evolving.

    We want to provide our customers with the best service possible, using the most convenient and high tech methods available. We will deliver that by setting up a continually changing catalog of items, an item builder, and creating avenues for transparent communication.

  • Professional quality and experience.

    Our products are mostly designed by hand using a rigorous standardized procedure for each item.  The item is then tested and packaged safely for delivery. Estimated delivery time for all custom products are 7 - 14 days.

Mouse Inventory


Create your own custom mouse by choosing the sensor, exterior shell, and color.

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